The Good Turn Club

Sandy CraigheadThere are a lot of ways to support Girl Scouts, and 22 women do so as members of the Good Turn Club. Everyone in the club makes a personal investment in stocks, bonds and securities that will benefit Girl Scouts River Valleys. The group meets once a quarter to discuss financial topics, give advice to each other and keep track of what’s going on in Girl Scouts.

The Good Turn Club was organized in January 1990 by a group of women to learn more about investments and to support River Valleys. Staying true to the founders’ intentions, the $20 dues are collected monthly from each Good Turn Club member. That money is then given to a financial adviser to invest on behalf of the club. When a member of the club passes away, her interest in the Good Turn Club is contributed to River Valleys.

Membership is taken seriously within the Good Turn Club and when members join, it is usually a lifetime commitment. If a member decides to leave the club, her contributions stay with the club.

Each year at the Juliette Gordon Low luncheon, the club presents what it’s contributing for the year. If anyone has passed away, members honor her by giving her financial gift from the club. To celebrate the Centennial year of Girl Scouts, the Good Turn Club pledged to donate $10,000.

The current club members have invested almost $48,000 and the Good Turn Club has donated a generous $52,301 to River Valleys so far.

Along with contributing financially to Girls Scouts, the Good Turn Club also believes in instilling financial literacy in young girls. “We think it’s so important that girls know about spending and saving, along with the importance of financial education,” says Kathleen Corley, a Good Turn Club member. The club members are great mentors and role models for girls just learning about finances through troop activities and service projects.