Lakamaga Conference 2013 Committee

Lakamaga Conference committeeEach year, a committee of volunteers with a passion for events, adult learning and all things Girl Scouting plans the Lakamaga Adult Education Conference. Check out their roles and perspectives on the conference.

Shanasi Bagnariol-Shafer

In addition to serving as a delegate and recruiter for the Mid du Lac service unit, Shanasi is also the Lakamaga Conference committee vice chair. This is her second year working on the event and she believes staying organized, meeting deadlines and maintaining a positive attitude are all critical to her role. “I’m excited by the ideas I get to be a part of and seeing the conference come to life,” Shanasi said.

Debbie Grimmer

For six years, Debbie has served on the Lakamaga Conference committee in a leadership position. “I love the team I have been a part of and enjoy meeting all the new people,” she said. As chair, Debbie plans and leads two-hour, monthly meetings and ensures everything is on schedule. She’s also a delegate, the organizer of the service unit manager group called Order of the Trefoils and the Woodbury service unit manager.

Charmin Pelletier

Charmin is from the Centennial service unit and has been part of the Lakamaga Conference committee for eight years. Her favorite thing about handling accommodations (lodging, welcome ceremonies) is making people feel special, particularly new attendees. Charmin also looks forward to camping, meeting new people and seeing old friends each year.

Karla Wakefield 

As the transportation lead for the Lakamaga Conference committee for the past several years, Karla is constantly on the go, transporting people to and from their classes and sleeping areas, or delivering supplies to different parts of camp. “I get to meet a lot of people during the conference,” she said. Karla is from the Kinni Croix Valley service unit and enjoys seeing old friends and the delicious meals. 

Amy Jones, Sharon Blackie, Sheila Ambrose, Andrea Koukol, Don Lee, Lori LeVasseur, Jan Pluff, Sharon Reece, Terri Siebert, Caroline Thompson, Karla Wakefield, Deb Walstrom-Riske, Emily White and Sandi Wintz also serve on the committee. Bert Jones designed the theme artwork, T-Shirt and patch.


  1. Teresa says

    One of my favorite things to do all year! Looking forward to another awesome Lakamaga Conference.