Pinky Promises to Stop Bullying

What’s more powerful than a pinky promise? Just ask Troop 43000, a group of Girl Scout Juniors who recently earned their Agent of Change Junior Journey Award through their efforts to stop the bullying at their schools.

The Agent of Change Journey focuses on power—the power of “me,” “team” and “community.” The girls used their power to plan and host an anti-bullying event for fourth grade girls. The event informed participants of the different forms of bullying youth can experience and its negative effects.

Pinky Promise Poster

Girls sported blue nail polish on their pinky fingernails as a symbol of the anti-bullying cause. Each girl completed her pledge to not bully by placing her pinky fingerprint on the troop’s poster, which read, “Pinky Promise to Stop Bullying.”

The troop spread the anti-bullying message to their schools by handing out bracelets with the phrase, “Be a buddy, not a bully!” They also encouraged their classmates to take the pledge to stop bullying and continued to share their message with their Girl Scout service unit and families during a local event called the Powder Puff Derby.

“The girls are very proud of the work they have done,” explains troop leader Stacy Hutchison, “but [they] know that it takes everyone—students, parents, teachers and the community working together to stop bullying.”

Pinky Promise Troop