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Health Powered Kids Activities

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Allina Health PatchTo enhance the Girl Scout learning experience about healthy living, Allina Health has partnered with Girl Scouts River Valleys to provide activities through Allina Health’s Health Powered Kids™ program. Allina Health’s experts have created activities for each Girl Scout program level that will help girls work towards healthy living badges.

Access the Activities

Earn the Allina Health Healthy Living Patch

Once Girl Scouts have completed two Health Powered Kids™ activities, please fill out this form and bring the confirmation email—on paper or on your phone—to a Girl Scout shop to redeem for a free limited edition patch. The patches will go fast, since only 2,000 are available.


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  1. Angela Gruber Hjort says:


    I am wondering does this one go on the back or the front of the vest?

  2. Girl Scouts River Valleys says:

    Hi Angela- This patch goes on the back of the vest.

  3. Jeni Hinson says:

    Can we still do this or is it over? I tried clicking on the link and it said it could not find the page!

  4. Girl Scouts River Valleys says:

    Hi Jeni- Thanks for checking in. The Health Powered Kids site is temporarily down, but it should be back up tomorrow. Please check back in a day or two.

  5. Katherine says:

    Are there still badges available?

  6. Girl Scouts River Valleys says:

    Hi Katherine- Badges are still available.

  7. Gwenique says:

    Does my daughter have to do these with her whole troop or can I have her do them with me? I was just wondering because her troop is done with meetings till Sept.

  8. Girl Scouts River Valleys says:

    Hi Gwenique- If you’d like to work through the plans with your daughter before your troop meets, you can go ahead. Have fun!

  9. Abbie zakrzewski says:

    I need 11 of these? Are there still some available?

  10. Girl Scouts River Valleys says:

    Hi Abbie- They are still available.

  11. Shanu Srinivasan says:


    Our troop is working through this. Are the patches still available? We would need 7.

  12. Girl Scouts River Valleys says:

    Shanu, yes, patches are still available for this program.

  13. Tiffany Shermak says:

    I have 24 girls who have worked on the Allina Health patch. Are there 24 left?

  14. Girl Scouts River Valleys says:

    Hi Tiffany- We have enough left. The majority of patches are located at our Brooklyn Center and St. Paul locations. If you’d like to pick up the 24 from another location, please contact us at 800-845-0787 to make sure we have enough.

  15. Elisha says:

    I was told there were 3 different patches for this Healthy kids. Where do I get the other requirements to earn the other 2 patches?

    Thank you

  16. Girl Scouts River Valleys says:

    Hi Elisha- There is just the one patch for the Health Powered Kids activities. To earn the patch, girls are to complete two Health Powered Kids activities and then submit the form.

  17. Lyn says:

    Our troop is interested in earning this badge. We have 17 girls, is there this many still available? Also, if we pay for shipping, can you ship them to us as we are in Virginia.

  18. Girl Scouts River Valleys says:

    Hi Lyn- We’re so glad to hear that you’ve found these activity plans, but unfortunately we are unable to send patches to Virginia. They are only available for River Valleys Girl Scouts.

  19. Lyn says:

    Oh bummer, well thank you for your fast response!

  20. Jennifer says:

    Hello – Is this program is still running? We are a RV Daisy Troop, 15 girls.

    Thank you!

  21. Girl Scouts River Valleys says:

    Hi Jennifer, the program is still running. We hope you and your troop enjoy the activities!

  22. Melissa says:

    Based on a prior comment, my daughter and I did the activities together since her troop is not meeting over the summer — for the submission, do you still need the troop leader’s name/email or do I just submit her troop number and then my contact info so I get the email to bring for the patch?

  23. Girl Scouts River Valleys says:

    Hi Melissa, Thanks for participating in Health Powered Kids with your daughter! You can just include her name, troop number, and contact information for the patch.

  24. Bridget says:

    Wondering if patches are still available for this. Would need 7

  25. Girl Scouts River Valleys says:

    Hi Bridget, patches are still available.

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