Lakamaga Conference—Participant Perspectives

Christine and Liz have both participated in the Lakamaga Adult Education Conference, and they were happy to share highlights from their experiences.

Christine Pearson

QuiltsChristine will be attending the Lakamaga Conference for the sixth time this year. She originally signed up to complete required trainings, but the networking, enrichment activities and service projects have kept her coming back. “I really enjoy the conference as a way to learn fun skills that I can bring back to the girls,” she says.

Christine’s most memorable experience was an evening sing-along around a fireplace. Participants were invited to lead a song, and then everyone shared why they liked singing it.

Christine leads a group at the conference that works on quilts in the Old Lodge art studio during downtime. “I have only been leading the project for two years, but in that time, we have been able to donate eight quilts to Project Linus and another six quilts to Bundles of Love,” she says.

Liz Cooney

Volunteer group photoLiz found a great deal of camaraderie as a new attendee and staff member at the 2012 Lakamaga Conference. “I’m always looking for ways to learn more and grow. The conference sounded like a wonderful opportunity for me as a staff member to interact with volunteers in a fun, relaxed environment,” she says.

Liz also wanted to expand her outdoor knowledge and skills, which she accomplished by starting a fire using flint rock and steel. “I came away as a stronger person with more skills and a better understanding of our volunteers, their needs and the girls we are all working for,” she says. In addition to attending again in 2013, Liz plans to lead an enrichment workshop.

Christine + Liz’ Advice to New Participants

  • Take advantage of all the conference has to offer
  • Share ideas and stories
  • Listen to others
  • Complete required training sessions
  • Get out of your comfort zone
  • Introduce yourself to someone new
  • Try something new—you might surprise yourself
  • Have fun and see what Girl Scouts are capable of!


  1. Teresa Foss says

    Thanks for sharing. I am really looking forward to another year at the Lakamaga Conference.