Cookies + Camp—They Go Together

Two girls bikingTrivia: How many Girl Scout cookies were eaten at camp last summer?
Answer: 18,234

Did you know that you can use Cookie Credits and FUNds to help pay for camp?

Pay for camp with these funds:

  • Cookie Credits from the 2012 Cookie Program (expire August 31, 2013)
  • Cookie Credits from the 2013 Cookie Program (expire August 31, 2014)
  • FUNds from the 2012 Fall Product sale (expire August 31, 2013)

Register for a camp session up until two weeks before it starts (unless it fills up earlier).

Camp staff are gearing up for the best summer yet! If you ever wanted to paddle a kayak, learn how to shoot an arrow or brush up on your s’mores skills, join us this spring and summer.

Questions? Email our camp staff.


  1. Jo Bale says

    How do you use Cookie Credits for Camp when signing up? Can you still sign up online? Or do you have submit a paper registration?

    Out of curioustiy, when did cookie credits start having an expiration date?

    Thanks for all you do for out council(s)!