1. Lorrie says

    Did this notice go out to delegates? To SUM’s? If not, it should.

    I am a SUM and also registered as a delegate and did not get notice of this.

    • Girl Scouts River Valleys says

      Hi Lorrie- Thanks for your concern. We will be sending out an email to all delegates and service unit managers this week, which will include the questions prepared by the Strategic Planning Committee at their retreat on April 13.

  2. Ellen Wiggins-Odean says

    I am a delegate and I sent an e-mail to the board last week with the following questions and I am awaiting a response.

    I am looking on the website under this path Home : Get Involved : Volunteers : Volunteer Positions : Long-Term : Committees + Task Groups
    How come I don’t see the Council Strategic Planning Committee listed there?

    I am wondering what the charge of this committee is and who is currently serving on this committee? Do they have an annual or quarterly report available for review?

    Is there somewhere I can see the Council’s Strategic Plan?

  3. Deb Wilkinson says

    Just an update from your board chair to let everyone know that I’ve responded to Ellen. In part, the response is as follows:

    “When our website was updated this past summer, it [Strategy Overview] must not have made the transition so we appreciate you bringing this to our attention.” It is now on the website again.

    “Strategic Planning, as adopted for use by both GSUSA and councils, does not have a charge. It is an ongoing organizational learning tool that entails best practices, market insights, etc. We are now in the process of the three-year cycle, performing a “deep dive” situation analysis to reexamine customers, competitors, stakeholders, sector trends, and our own realities. To do this, the council CEO, Linda Keene, and I, as board chair, co-sponsor and co-lead a Strategic Learning Core Team. Tisha Bolger, COO, was selected to serve as project manager. The core strategy team was selected and organized on the basis of “maximum diversity” to stimulate new perspectives and conversations. The team’s composition includes Second Vice Chair for membership engagement, geographic representation, girl members, adult volunteers, community leaders and other key stakeholders.”

    “The May Town Hall Meetings are being held to report the research and work that has been performed by this 28 person senior-level strategy team.”

    I look forward to the upcoming Town Hall meetings – see you there.