Latina Conference—Girls Connect, Discover + Learn

Four girls at Latina ConferenceMore than 500 young women from around the state of Minnesota attended the Latina Youth Conference at St. Paul College on March 15. The girls, 120 of whom were Girl Scout ConnectZ, enjoyed a day full of networking, financial literacy presentations and career-focused workshops.

The girls broke off into classrooms throughout the college to listen to presentations by professional Latina women who work in different career fields. In one of the classrooms, Kristy Quiñones from Best Buy led a group of 30 girls on the importance of managing personal finances.

Quiñones’ main focus was budgeting, and the plan that she instilled in the girls was to earn, give, save and spend. Girls learned about rationing their savings and dedicating certain amounts to short-term, mid-term and long-term savings along with unexpected purchases.

Presentation in auditoriumThe girls received information about checking accounts and maintaining a budget balance sheet. While most of the girls entered the room knowing what a budget was, they all left knowing the importance of giving and proper spending within a budget.

To wrap up the conference, the girls enjoyed lunch while hearing from Fox 9 reporter, Iris Perez.