New Troop Sponsorship, Services + In-Kind Donation Form

Two Girl ScoutsA new form is available on to track and acknowledge contributions of troop sponsorships, services and in-kind items. Please note that sponsorships and donations are different from troop money-earning activities.

A gift freely offered to a service unit or troop is quite different from a gift that is solicited. Troop adults can solicit contributions for their troop within the scope of sponsorship, but need River Valleys’ approval from Fund Development prior to solicitation. At no time are girls allowed to be involved in direct solicitation of cash.

Community organizations, businesses, religious organizations and individuals may be sponsors and provide such things as group meeting places, volunteers, activity materials and loaned equipment. For more information on working with a sponsor, contact River Valleys’ Fund Development department by email. They can provide guidance on the availability of sponsors, recruiting responsibility and council policies that must be followed. River Valleys has many relationships with organizations and may know of reasons not to collaborate with other organizations.

Girl Scouts of the USA and Girl Scouts River Valleys have policies about contacting corporations or foundations, because council staff solicit them for council-wide program support. Service units and troop adults may contact individually owned local businesses, such as hardware or gift shops to get in-kind donations like art supplies, snack items, books and other troop supplies.

Service units and troops may accept unsolicited donations from community and civic organizations. It’s important to complete the Troop Sponsorship + Services + In-Kind Donation form and submit it to River Valleys who will acknowledge the contribution and distribute it to the right place. Any monetary donation of more than $250 or which needs a receipt must be sent to the St. Paul service center. If the donation is intended for the troop, a check will be sent to the troop after River Valleys has received it from the donor and processed it.

For questions or information about working with a sponsor, please contact the Individual Giving or Corporate/Foundation Giving officers in Fund Development.