Inspiring Younger Girl Scouts

Olivia with her motherOlivia has been a Girl Scout for 12 years and knows a thing or two about scouting. She has earned her Girl Scout Bronze Award and Silver Award, attended and volunteered at camp, served as a service unit delegate and, of course, mastered the Girl Scout Cookie Program Activity.

In addition to Girl Scouts, Olivia is involved in an organization called Partnership for Change, which focuses on the prevention of chemical use. Incidentally, her leader at Partnership for Change recently formed a new Girl Scout Daisy troop and asked Olivia to help lead it. When she was asked to help lead the troop, Olivia couldn’t have been more excited to work with the young girls and share her own Girl Scout experiences.

“She knew I was really involved in Girl Scouts because in the past I brought cookies to our meetings to sell,” explained Olivia. “She asked me if I would help lead her troop, and of course I said yes!”

Olivia wears her vest to the meetings and the girls are in awe over the number of badges and patches she has. She explains to them what they mean and the fun things she has done to earn them. “When they see me at their meetings and I share all the cool things I have done, I hope it encourages them to stay in Girl Scouts longer,” says Olivia.

Another skill Olivia hopes these girls are learning is the confidence that comes from participating in the Cookie Program Activity. When she was younger, Olivia says that she was very shy and got nervous talking to people. After going door-to-door and selling cookies, she has learned how to interact with people and now feels like she can talk to anyone. Her Girl Scout Daisy troop is now participating in the Cookie Program Activity this year and is having a lot of success.

After the cookie season, Olivia wants to focus on her Girl Scout Gold Award. She has yet to settle on a project, but she will no doubt earn her award and have another experience to inspire her Daisy troop.


  1. Kirsten Dutton says

    What a great story! I wish we could get more older girls into leadership roles in younger troops!