Kappa Delta Brings Inspiration + Cheer to Girls

Two ConnectZ Girl ScoutsSince 1998, Kappa Delta Sorority has been a partner with Girl Scouts of the USA, encouraging its collegiate and alumnae chapter members across the nation to serve as role models to young girls in local areas.

In North Minneapolis, four Kappa Delta alumnae from Iowa State University recently paid a visit to the Girl Scouts ConnectZ troop of fourth and fifth graders at New Millennium Academy after being invited to their weekly meeting.

To kick off the meeting, each girl used one word to describe how her day went. All different adjectives were used, from “awesome” to “boring” and “bad.” After attendance was taken, and the Girl Scout Promise and Law were recited, the Kappa Delta women (Elise, Murial, Sue and Mary) shared their life stories with the girls.

Elise then handed out pre-sewed patterned fabric for a craft activity. The girls were tasked with looping the drawstring through the fabric to make fun tote bags. As the girls finished their bags, the Kappa Delta women passed out cosmetics, hats and mittens, hair accessories and treats for the girls to add to the bags.

The room was lit with energy while the girls were finishing their bags. One of the Girl Scouts was even overheard exclaiming, “I’m so glad I joined Girl Scouts!”

As the meeting ended and the girls were rushing out the door to catch the bus, it looked as though the “boring” or “bad” days some of the girls had described at the beginning of the meeting had been turned around by the Kappa Delta alumnae visit.