A 30-Year Volunteer Still Giving Back

Gerri FitzloffGerri Fitzloff joined Girl Scouts for the first time as an adult when her daughter came home asking to be a Girl Scout Brownie in 1978. She has been a Girl Scout leader since then, working with girls of all grade levels.

Some of her most memorable moments in Girl Scouts were attending the National Convention in Texas and representing the Peacepipe Council twice at Macy’s Training Center in New York for NASA trainings. She was also selected to attend a training at Goddard Space Center in Maryland that helped her start up space activities for the council.

As a leader in Girl Scouts, Gerri has learned a great deal over the years. She is currently taking education assistant classes at Ridgewater College, where she regularly applies skills and experiences from Girl Scouts. She looks forward to working in a school system, which will allow her to continue to work with children.

Participating in Girl Scouts as an adult has been incredibly satisfying for Gerri. She has enjoyed watching girls mature and grow up and share special experiences with them. She hopes to continue as a leader for many years to come, because she feels just as young as the girls when she’s working with them.

It is Gerri’s hope that the girls she works with will take their Girl Scout memories with them, particularly the outdoor activities, and share them with the next generation as she has.


  1. Peggy Wiskocil says

    Way to go Gerri. I have used activities I have learned from you in many differnt troop meetings and even some not related to GS. I have always been inspired by you and your eternal youth and dedication to GS. Bless you Gerri for all you do. Your Friend in Girl Scouts and out. Peggy Sue