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Girl Scout Cookie Booths

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Cookie booths start this Monday, February 11.

Booth Locator

If you’d like to find a cookie booth near you, visit the handy Little Brownie Baker cookie locator. If you’re a Girl Scout with a cookie booth, don’t forget to bling it!

A Girl Scout Photo BombingCelebrate with Us

February 8 is also National Girl Scout Cookie Day. To celebrate here at River Valleys, take a photo bomb picture with a box of cookies and post it to our Facebook page.

It’s Not Too Late

Don’t miss out on the fun! If you haven’t signed up yet to participate in the Cookie Program and would still like to, please contact your troop leader or email Product Program.

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  1. Mary Baker says:

    A question, will GS be doing the “Buy12 Give12″ program again this year? I’ve had a couple individuals ask about this as they were thinking about buying 12 boxes and would do so for sure if they knew that 12 boxes would be donated.

  2. Girl Scouts River Valleys says:

    Mary, “Buy 12 Give 12″ was a special promotion to celebrate 100 years of Girl Scouting, and it is not be offered again this year. We still have both of our donation programs, Cookies for the Community and Operation Cookie Care Package, that troops and customers can use to give back.

  3. Jan Olson says:

    Wondering how I cancel a cookie booth?
    I scheduled one in March and the girls no longer want that one.
    ALSO: We have a cookie booth coming up at Maplewood Mall and I haven’t heard anything yet.

  4. Girl Scouts River Valleys says:

    Hi Jan- You can cancel a cookie booth by going to the Booth Sites tab in eBudde, making sure Council Sales is selected from the drop down. Once you find the booth you wish to cancel, click on your troop number (same steps as when signing up for a booth). Please email your troop number to ProductProgram@girlscoutsrv.org and we will be sure to get you the Maplewood Mall information right away.

  5. Heidi Eschenbach says:

    Can a troop still hold a cookie booth even though the official selling season is over?

  6. Girl Scouts River Valleys says:

    Hello Heidi- Please read through the following policies regarding cookie sales after March 17:
    – Girls may continue to sell to friends and family after the sale to deplete their inventory.
    – After-sale garage sales are permitted, as they tend to be neighborhood-focused.
    – Product Program will evaluate other booth opportunities after the sale on a case-by-case basis. We will generally approve special shows/events that occur after the sale has ended.
    – We will not approve booths that are at businesses for all the public to see (e.g., a local hardware store or grocery store that may or may not have had troop-arranged booths during the sale). This especially includes council-arranged cookie booth locations as these locations cannot be contacted at any point.
    – Troops will still need to update eBudde and make their final deposit on time.
    – Cookies need to be sold promptly.

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