Cookie Activity Tips

Girl Scouts with cookiesCookie season is here! Make sure you’re ready for success by following these 10 steps.

Also, be sure to explore the new cookie packaging. Each package features:

  1. New photos of Girl Scouts engaged in fun activities
  2. The Girl Scout Gold Award
  3. A Cookie Business or Financial Literacy Badge
  4. A badge that relates directly to the image on the front of the package
  5. A list of the five essential business skills girls learn from participating in the Girl Scout Cookie Program Activity


  1. Angie Ballinger says

    The link to the pdf (10 steps) above does not work. Recommend fixing since Cookie Go day is tomorrow. Thank you. Angie

    • Girl Scouts River Valleys says

      Hi Angie- We just made the pdf file size a bit smaller for faster download. Please try clicking again. Thanks!