Are You Ready for National Cookie Sleepover?

girls looking at a worksheetThis weekend, thousands of girls from across the country will go online and experience a brand new kind of cookie fun. To help you prepare for the first ever National Girl Scout Cookie Sleepover, River Valleys has provided the following checklist. Be sure to check back for any updates prior to this Saturday’s fun-filled event!

  • Double check your order’s whereabouts and make sure you received all of your supplies. If you are missing an item, please contact 800-845-0787. Offices close Friday at 5 pm and will not reopen until 8:30 am on Monday.
  • Review the activity plans and DVD prior to the Sleepover. During the DVD, there is time set aside to complete optional goal setting activity worksheets. If you wish to create your own worksheets, please feel free to do so.
  • Make sure your DVD player and DVD works. If for any reason your DVD player or DVD does not work, you can watch a live stream of the video on Little Brownie Bakers’ website at 8 pm, central standard time.
  • Share all of the fun you’re having by posting photos of your Sleepover on Girl Scouts River Valleys’ Facebook page or on Twitter.
  • Remind girls about Girl Scout Spirit Day, Thursday, January 17. All girls are encouraged to submit a photo that day and enter to win special VIP seating for their troop at the May 4 Cookie Concert.

Still need to pick up your Party in a Bag kit? Don’t forget to do so by Friday, January 11.

Have a great time!


  1. Tara M. says

    My girls are really looking forward to this, as am I! 🙂 Thanks for coming up with such a great way to promote cookie selling with our girls!

  2. Kelly Dorr says

    220 girls attended the Kinni-Croix Service Unit party last night! We are all excited for cookies sales to start!