Girl Scout Spirit Day

four smiling girlsOn Thursday, January 17, River Valleys will celebrate the inaugural Girl Scout Spirit Day.

Show Your Girl Scout Pride

To participate, girls are asked to wear their Girl Scout uniform, pins and related items to school. Girls can help spread the word about the fun and friendship of Girl Scouts by talking with friends or handing out this flyer.

Troop Incentive

All participating girls are eligible to win special VIP seating for their troop at the May 4 Cookie Concert. To enter, simply take a photo on January 17 dressed up in your Girl Scout attire and email it to Laura Sartain by January 30. Write “Spirit Day” in the subject line, and include your troop number and troop leader’s name and contact information in the body of the email.

Four winners will be selected and notified by email the week of February 11. Winners will also be featured on River Valleys’ Facebook page. Keep in mind that to attend the cookie concert, your troop must first purchase the Party in a Bag for the National Cookie Sleepover.

Get creative and have some fun. Try a little face paint, green ribbons or homemade T-shirts. We can’t wait to see all the fun photos!

Update: Spirit Day Winners

Thank you to all the girls and troops who participated in the first annual Girl Scout Spirit Day! We hope that you had a chance to see all of the submissions on our Facebook page.

We’re excited to announce the four troops who won VIP passes to our Feed the Need concert featuring Halle and Chloe Bailey. The winners are troops 12183, 15294, 25240 and 40183 (shown clockwise from top left):


  1. Pam Stegora Axberg says

    The hotlink to the cookie concert doesn’t work. I’m trying to understand what the cookie concert really is.

    • Girl Scouts River Valleys says

      Hi Pam- We updated the link, so it should work now. Please let us know if you have any questions about the event. Thank you!

  2. Kara Brennhofer says

    So for clarification, our girls do not have a chance to win VIP tickets to the cookie concert by participating in Spirit Day if they didn’t sign up for the Party in the Bag event.

    • Girl Scouts River Valleys says

      Hi Kara- All girls who attend the cookie concert must participate in the National Cookie Sleepover, even those who win the VIP seating from the Girl Scout Spirit Day contest. If you’d still like to register your troop for National Cookie Sleepover, please call 800-845-0787 by Friday.

    • Girl Scouts River Valleys says

      Hi Julie- There is not a fun patch for this event, but that’s a great idea for next year!

  3. Charity says

    Our Service Unit ordered 34 parties in a box – only had 20 girls participate. Can the troops sell the extra tickets to other troops who need more tickets? Or can siblings of the scouts use the tickets to attend the concert? Are adults able to use the girl tickets?

    • Girl Scouts River Valleys says

      Hi Charity- The selling of concert tickets is strictly prohibited; however, you may give away any unwanted tickets to other girls or troops. If you choose to give away any of your concert tickets, you are solely responsible for managing this type of transaction and ensuring all girl/adult ratios are maintained.

  4. Linda Dugan says

    Please stop linking events together. It is hard enough to get one date to work for a group; much harder to get two or more dates to work. Previously, it was indicated that those participating in the Sleepover would GET a free pass to the Cookie Concert- now it appears participation is REQUIRED in order to attend the concert. I don’t think it should be the Girl Scout Spirit to require attendance “now” in order to attend a somewhat vague event(who will be performing- someone they really want to see? or not?) in the future. Thanks for listening! (And please tell me if I am wrong about the tie-in between these two events.)

  5. Julie Kelly says

    Does the photo have to be taken on 1/17? Girls in my troop attend three different schools and we’ve already got three gatherings this motnh–tough to get them together for one more just for a photo. Thanks.

    • Girl Scouts River Valleys says

      Hi Julie- Ideally we’d like to have girls take photos on January 17, but photo submissions are due January 30, so you have a bit of time to take that official Spirit Day photo.

  6. Lisa Baumann says

    I completely agree with Linda and it is sad that make all these extra requirements in order to go to the concert. We did not buy the national sleepover party in the bag as I have 21 girls in my troop and I didn’t find the value in depleting funds for this as I would rather use it on journey books, patches, etc. Our service unit held a cookie kickup slumberparty event without the bag. I didn’t realize this requirement when I really pushed and asked my girls to wear their uniforms to school and promote girl scouts as a positive thing not just worrying about cookie sales all the time. FRUSTRATING!

    • Girl Scouts River Valleys says

      Hi Linda and Lisa- The concert and the National Cookie Sleepover were created as one event split into two parts. We wanted to do something fun as a thank you for those girls who purchased a Party in a Bag kit and thus participated in the National Cookie Sleepover. When considering all our options for a large-scale, girl-friendly event, an outdoor concert was the perfect solution. Since the sleepover was held in January, we decided to push the concert back to spring so that it would be after the busy cookie season and so that, hopefully, we will have much warmer weather.

      While the “official” date for the sleepover was January 12, we did encourage troops to adjust the date to fit their schedules. We would have loved to announce the artist for the concert back when we announced the sleepover, unfortunately, it takes time to find a performer and secure the details.

      Due to the overwhelming interest in both the sleepover and the concert, we thought a special VIP package to the concert would make a unique prize for those participating in Spirit Day. As the concert is the second part of the sleepover, we believed it would not be fair to allow girls who did not participate in the first part of the event to join in on the second part.

      We appreciate your feedback on the kits, the concert and Spirit Day prize, and will keep it in mind for if we plan similar events in the future.

  7. Jenny says

    Just wanted to say how much fun our girls had today! They all wore their sashes and sweatshirts/tshirt to school and to our troop mtg tonight. Since our girls go to a few schools, we took the picture tonight. They are PUMPED for cookies, the sleepover events, and especially the concert. We are anxiously and very (in)patiently waiting for the announcement!

  8. Jenny says

    When are the winners going to be announced? Our troop submitted a picture right away the morning or the 17th.

    • Girl Scouts River Valleys says

      Hi Jenny- Thanks for participating in Girl Scout Spirit Day. We’ve updated the blog with the winners.