100 Acts of Kindness for 100 Years of Girl Scouting

Girls sitting on a benchOne of the focus areas of Girl Scouts’ Centennial year has been taking action through service. Troop 30167 took it to heart with their Silver Award project. Hannah, Mattea and Allyson built their project around Juliette Gordon Low’s belief in performing a daily act of kindness.

To complete 100 acts of kindness, the girls used their resources to inform the community and other Girl Scouts about the project and encouraged everyone to contribute. They created posters to display in local businesses, started a website for people to post their acts of kindness and created a commercial that has played on the local community access channel.

The girls have been dedicated throughout the project, which has involved many detailed steps and required them to step outside their comfort zones.

“One of the hardest parts for the girls was working with adults and asking the community for help,” explained troop leader, Laura. “When we first started, the girls were really shy to ask businesses to display the posters, but their confidence and courage has really grown.”

Anyone who completes an act of kindness can post on the website, where it is tracked and added to the total. Each post from a community member is extremely rewarding for the girls and gives them the confidence that they will meet their goal.

Have you completed an act of kindness lately? Visit 100 Acts of Kindness to help Hannah, Mattea and Allyson reach their goal by the end of the year.


  1. Ellen Wiggins-Odean says

    I am a current leader of older girls. I am so glad to see your still actively involved in Girl Scouts and pursuing your Silver Award. And, what a great idea you picked for a Silver Award girls! You never how a small (or big) act of kindness will help impact and change someones life! A little bit of kindness, caring, and compassion goes a long way. It is a good way to honor Juliette Gordon Low as well. Congratulations!!

  2. Michelle Waterworth says

    Awesome project! I just looked at the list. So inspiring! Thanks for doing this and posting it for all of us!

  3. says

    Hello Girls~
    Hope the holidays were good to you!
    I just posted your great ideas for our troop to take a peek at. Nice Job! I love to she the way girls get involved in the community!