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See a Blackhawk Helicopter + Meet a Pilot

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Row of helicoptersDon’t miss an opportunity to see the ins and outs of a Blackhawk helicopter. River Valleys’ Girl Scouts have received a special invitation to visit the Holman Field Airport on Friday, December 28 at 11 am, where a Blackhawk helicopter that just returned from Iraq will be on display. Girls will get the exclusive chance to sit inside the helicopter and meet a female pilot who flies during missions.

If interested, please email Public Relations. We will sign up girls on a first-come, first-served basis, up to 20 girls. If you are unable to attend this time, don’t be disappointed. We will likely schedule another opportunity in the future.

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  1. Anne Marie DeBoard says:

    I have two scouts – Sarah is a Brownie and Emily is a Cadette – both talk of being pilots and I was in the Air Force. Would LOVE this!

  2. Gina Marino says:

    I sent Public Relations an email!! I hope my daughter makes the list. Thank you for this opportunity!!!

  3. Jeanne Kelley-Rosengren says:

    What a great opportunity. I know any scout that will get to do this will be very lucky. Hoping we get picked too.

  4. Melissa says:

    Hoping my girls get in as they would love this!

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