Support Girls Like Sara

Eight-year-old Sara recently became one of River Valleys’ 45,000 Girl Scouts. Last year, Sara’s parents divorced and she had to move to a new neighborhood, where she started a new school and left her friends behind. Every day, Sara went to school with her head down and feet dragging. She worried about sitting alone at lunchtime and struggled to make new friends.

When Sara brought home a Girl Scout flyer, she was excited but afraid she wouldn’t be able to join because money had been tight. Even so, Sara and her mother attended the sign-up event at her school and discovered that Girl Scouts is available to all girls because of generous supporters like YOU!

As a Girl Scout Brownie, Sara now has the opportunities to develop leadership skills, connect with the community and celebrate accomplishments; all while earning badges in math, health, cultural literacy and more.

After joining Girl Scouts, Sara’s spark returned. She now giggles with her new friends at lunch and leads the Make New Friends song at her troop meetings. The new friendships, self-confidence and valuable skills that Sara gains from Girl Scouts are life-long benefits generated through caring donations.

Recent research* shows that girls who participate in Girl Scouts are more likely to complete college, form positive relationships and feel optimistic about their future. Donations not only help girls like Sara join a troop, they also grow new programs, train leadership and cover fees for girls who are unable to afford them.

Thanks to supporters like you, more than 9,000 girls were able to join Girl Scouts this year. With your help, we can meet our goal of raising $750,000 and have a positive impact on thousands of girls who are struggling, feeling isolated and alone, just like Sara.

It only takes $333 per year to pay for uniforms, membership dues and Girl Scout programs for girls just like Sara. Give today!

* Statistics are from Girl Scouting Works: The Alumnae Impact Study, by Girl Scouts of the USA. Read the full study at