Animal Habitats Badge Day for Girl Scout Juniors

wolfVisit the Minnesota Zoo and discover a variety of animal habitats. Explore the differences between domestic dogs and wolves, and learn how animals care for their offspring. Trek through the tropics, investigate what life is like for creatures living in danger and find out how animals adapt to environmental changes.

Girls will leave prepared to help protect animal habitats and prevent animals from becoming endangered.

Register today:

Youth Event Assistant (YEA) + Program Aide Opportunity

Girls in grades 6–12 can teach Girl Scout Juniors about animal habitats and help them earn the badge.

Contact Rachel Hoben with questions.


    • Girl Scouts River Valleys says

      Hi Brenda- It will definitely be a fun and educational event for Girl Scout Juniors! Zoo admission, parking and the Animal Habitats Badge are all included in the pricing. If you are interested, please visit Financial Aid to find a grant application form for events.