ConnectZ—Spotlight on Hmong Women’s Circle

ConnectZ girlsAs the bell rings and students hustle to their classrooms, a group of energetic young women fill the multicultural resource center at Roseville High School.

Every Tuesday afternoon, anywhere from 15–30 girls gather for a Girl Scout troop meeting led by troop leaders Choua and Barbra. A ConnectZ Girl Scout troop, the girls meet in school at rotating time periods each week.

The Roseville High School Hmong Women’s Circle is similar to any other Girl Scout troop. They hold weekly meetings, participate in money-earning activities and have experiences geared toward high-school-aged girls. Throughout the year, they explore different topics such as healthy relationships and body image.

“I really enjoy Hmong Women’s Circle because we are a big girl group, and we can talk things out relating to our lives and culture and then solve them together; it really helps us bond,” explained Jojo, who has been a Girl Scout for two years.

One of the most valued aspects of every troop meeting is the opportunity to openly discuss age-appropriate topics. “We talk about a lot of stuff I didn’t learn about growing up,” says troop member Julie. “Choua is a reliable resource that we all look up to and can turn to for advice.”

The girls also explore college and career resources such as financial aid information, college tours and job shadow opportunities like one they recently participated in at 3M.

The year is just getting underway for this troop, but their lively meetings are already packed with discovering, connecting and taking action.