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The Growing Girl Scout Family in Public Service

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Did you know that nearly 70% of women in U.S. Congress are former Girl Scouts? Women in public office provide a great source of inspiration for girls, and we are always proud when another Girl Scout alumna is elected.

Minnesota 2012 Elections

As the election season wraps up, River Valleys is taking a moment to recognize and celebrate two Girl Scouts River Valleys board members who won their races last night.

Melisa Franzen

Melisa Franzen

Melisa was elected as State Senator for District 49 (Edina/Bloomington/Eden Prairie/Minnetonka). Melisa was in Girl Scouts for 12 years while growing up and is one of River Valleys’ “Women of Promise” Centennial Honorees, a designation she continues to exemplify with this win.

Sharon Hollatz

Sharon Hollatz

Sharon was re-elected to her position as Redwood County Commissioner for District 5. Also a Centennial Honoree, Sharon has held a variety of positions during her 25 years as a Girl Scout, including as CEO of the legacy Peacepipe Council.

Please join us in congratulating Melisa and Sharon for their achievements. We look forward to their continued guidance on the board and in our Minnesota communities.

Alumnae in Office Across the Nation

Do you know of a Girl Scout alumna who became an elected official this year? Name her in the comments box below!


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