Writer + Conservationist Speaks at Centennial Day of Service

Darby with Girl Scouts

Darby Nelson has been traveling throughout Minnesota to speak about his book, For Love of Lakes, and to discuss the problems facing our waterways. Nelson made a special stop on October 13, visiting more than 200 Girl Scouts in Brooklyn Park who participated in Centennial Day of Service.

Nelson learned about Centennial Day of Service during one of his public appearances and he knew he wanted to be involved. As he described it, it made his month to hear about Centennial Day of Service and he could just picture the thousands of hands preventing leaves from entering waterways and turning into phosphorus.

“I couldn’t believe the efforts put forth by the Girl Scouts,” explained Nelson. “All their preventative efforts during Centennial Day of Service are exactly what I have been going around speaking about.”

As he continues his journey to inform people about the dangers of phosphorus in leaves damaging our lakes, Nelson will carry with him the memories of all the girls and volunteers he met during Centennial Day of Service.

“It’s more than just helping the waterways. These girls are learning really important lifelong skills.”