Call to Sign Up and Protect Local Waterways

Join us for the final Centennial event on October 13, when Girl Scouts take action to protect local waterways.


It’s Easy to Sign Up

All you have to do is call River Valleys at 800-845-0787 or 651-227-8835 Monday-Friday, 8:30 am – 5 pm, and we’ll handle the rest.

The largest take action project in River Valleys history, Centennial Day of Service will be a historic event. Girl Scouts, volunteers and alumnae from all over the council will participate by:

  • removing grass and leaves from public spaces
  • distributing door hangers to educate the public
  • marking storm drains to warn citizens against dumping debris in them

You Did It! Let’s Celebrate.

After the hard work is done, join Girl Scouts in your community to relax and celebrate. Check out our map and find a Centennial Day of Service celebration near you.

With your participation and support on October 13, Girl Scouts will make a real difference to the environment by keeping local waterways clear, and fish and aquatic wildlife healthy.

Registration officially closes on October 5, so take action now by calling 800-845-0787 or sign up online. Enjoy an October day outside and do something big!

Have you heard about Sunny, the Sunfish? Take a photo of her in a place you love, and add it to our Facebook wall.