Juliette’s Pearls

In order to launch the Girl Scout Movement in 1912, Girl Scouts’ founder Juliette Gordon Low sold one of her prized possessions, a strand of pearls. Ever since that first generous donation, charitable giving has been an integral part of Girl Scouts. Because of the generous support of individuals and organizations, Girl Scouts River Valleys is able to provide quality leadership opportunities to thousands of girls.

When making a charitable gift, donors may have questions about the financial health of an organization. For basic information on River Valleys’ operations and finances, you can check out our pages on GuideStar.orgCharityNavigator.org and BetterBusinessBureau.org.

Charity analysts give high marks to River Valleys in the categories of financial health and return on donors’ investments. In 2011, River Valleys’ program costs were 81 percent of our total expenses, greatly exceeding the Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance standard of 65 percent or more. In fact, River Valleys meets every financial and administrative standard set by the Wise Giving Alliance, which assesses the nation’s charities to determine if benchmarks are met on matters like finances, donation appeals and governance. And Charity Navigator gives River Valleys four stars—its highest possible rating.

While River Valleys measures up well in assessments performed by charity watchdogs, criteria set by these organizations provides just a small part of the whole picture. While we are proud of our ratings, they do not capture how we impact the life of each and every Girl Scout.

River Valleys serves 45,000 girls each year and provides over $500,000 in financial assistance for girls whose families cannot afford Girl Scouts. Program staff arrange and promote more than 1,100 programs throughout our council area, not including the camp programs offered year round. And council facilitators provide access to training for over 18,000 volunteers, who are integral to delivering Girl Scout programming across our region.

When looking at charities, find out what kind of impact they are making to the populations they serve. By investing in River Valleys, donors help us prepare girls to be courageous, confident and thoughtful leaders, who will make a difference in our communities. Make a donation today!