Troop Leaders Needed for New Girl Scout Members

Each fall, the council receives a significant level of interest from girls and families who are eager to join a troop and begin their Girl Scout journey. Council staff and volunteers work diligently to recruit and train troop leaders to partner with these girls. Unfortunately, each year, we are forced to turn many girls away due to a lack of troop leaders.

We know Girl Scouting has a powerful impact on girls, and we want to make sure that all girls who are interested in joining a troop are able to do so.

Our River Valleys’ members have powerful networks, both personally and professionally, and we are asking that you reach out to your network this fall and partner with us. You probably know individuals who have the experience, knowledge and skills to lead a new Girl Scout troop—tap your network and help us find them. We are specifically looking for Girl Scout alumnae who would be willing to start and lead troops that will eventually be transferred to parents or permanent volunteers. As families experience what’s involved in a Girl Scout troop meeting, permanent leadership will be easier to identify and engage. Training and support are always provided.

If you know anyone who would be interested in leading a troop, please have them send us their name, contact information, availability and distance they are willing to travel.