Girl Scout Josie Goes Green to Earn Silver

When Girl Scout Cadette Josie was looking for an appropriate project for her Girl Scout Silver Award, she didn’t have to look any further than her own Birchwood neighborhood. She noticed three issues that needed correcting: older neighbors not recycling, possibly because of difficulty carrying recycling bins to the curb; recycling items were blowing out of bins, causing neighborhood litter; and bins that were too small, creating overflow. Josie concluded that larger bins and rolling carts would help remedy all three problems.

The 12-year-old seventh grader from Wayzata Central Middle School began her Silver Award journey by addressing the Plymouth City Council last September. When the council decided to switch recycling providers, Josie helped notify her neighborhood of the change and worked with the new recycling company to offer a discount to neighbors who became new customers, consolidating waste pick up and cutting pollution by reducing the number of excess waste management vehicles in the neighborhood.

Since the changes were implemented, Josie says that she’s been getting calls of thanks from her neighbors. “I discovered that you can have as many good ideas as you want, but you will only be great if you are able to put those ideas into action.”

Josie, who has been a Girl Scout for seven years, fulfilled the requirements for the Silver Award, and it was presented to her on May 20. The highest award a Girl Scout Cadette can earn, the Girl Scout Silver Award shows that the girl is a leader who is organized, determined and dedicated to improving her community.

“Because of my project,” Josie says, “people in Plymouth are recycling more than they were before.” She added that she hopes that through her efforts people “will come to appreciate what Girl Scouts does for the community.”

This summer we’re featuring randomly selected Bronze, Silver and Gold Award recipients on our blog. Stay tuned for more stories about Girl Scouts who’ve made a difference in their community!