Be a Sister to Every Girl

Commit to being a sister to every girl by signing the anti-bullying pledge during the Great Girl Gathering. Girls can stop by the display table in front of the Great Room to learn more about what can be done to prevent bullying and support those who have been affected by it.

  • Two different Gold Award Girl Projects will be on display.
  • Make an anti-bullying wish bracelet.
  • Sign the pledge, which will be located in each court.

Take the pledge today and share it with your friends:

The Pledge

I will do my best to be
Honest and fair when informing a parent or teacher about bullying
Friendly and helpful when finding ways to help those left out
Considerate and caring towards those who lost their voice to bullying
Courageous and strong when standing up against bullying, and
Responsible for what I say and do when I refuse to bully,
and to
Respect myself and others,
Respect authority and their policies on bullying
Use resources wisely when educating others about anti-bullying
Make the world a better place for everyone, and
Be a sister to every girl.