Money-Earning Tips from a Spaghetti Dinner

The subject of money earning is not always easy to understand. So I am here to help. Please email me at or call 800-845-0787. You can also post a question in the comment section.

To help you, here is a spaghetti dinner money-earning example from the Kenyon Service Unit troops. Participants were Brownies to Ambassadors.

Money-earning tips

A service unit cannot host or conduct money-earning (ME) projects but can assist troops in developing and implementing projects. All proceeds must go back to troops.

When dealing with food for a ME project, you must contact the State Health Department to inquire whether or not you will need a food license prior to approval.

Spaghetti Dinner Insights

Was your project successful?

Yes. It was a great success. We served 140 people and the girls did a great job serving, assisting, cleaning and thanking everyone.

Did you meet your fundraising goal?

Just barely. We didn’t raise our prices, even though we knew the cost of food would be more. Each troop made about $100.

Would you do the same event again or change it in anyway?

We will do it again next year. It is a great way for the girls to be seen in the community. Not sure we would change anything, maybe plan sooner to have more time to advertise.
Thank you to all who have been sending in pictures from their money-earning projects. I am going to give you one more helpful reminder—Cookie Sales are just around the corner and ME projects cannot be held during the fall product sales or cookie sales. Please continue to turn in your approval forms 30 days in advance.

For more information check out money-earning guidelines and stay tuned for more money-earning tips!