Money-Earning Tip: Craft + Bake Sales

At River Valleys we strive to make Girl Scout activities, like money-earning projects, more relatable and less confusing. Recently girls and volunteers have sent in their experiences and helpful tips. We want to share what works for the troops to answer your questions. Our first entry comes from the Valley Lakes Service Unit troops’ craft and bake sales.

Craft + Bake Sale Experience

Was your project successful?

Yes. We, Troop 51282, organized the event, set up a concession stand and also sponsored a food drive. Interacting with troops of all age levels was fun. We learned about planning, budgeting, marketing, selling, making change, dealing with customers and more.

What are you raising money for and did you meet your fundraising goal?

We are planning a trip to Pax Lodge World Centre in London. We will participate in a special program for the 100th year in Girl Scouting. Our goal was to make enough for the next trip payment. We met our goal, with a little extra help from some generous donations. You can learn more about taking a trip with your troop, destinations.

Would you do the same event again, or change it in anyway?

Yes. We want to encourage greater troop participation in our service unit. Currently we’re collecting feedback and asking troops who have hosted similar events how we can inspire more interest. Next year we want troops to submit an application with hopes to qualify as the host troop.

Helpful Money-Earning Tips

  • When dealing with food you must contact the State Health Department to determine if a food license is needed prior to approval.
  • Money-earning projects cannot be held during the Fall Product Sales and Cookie Sales. Please continue to turn in your money-earning project approval forms 30 days in advance.

Thank you to all troops sending in pictures in coordination with approved money-earning projects. I want to wish everyone a very happy and safe holiday season! Stay tuned for more fun money-earning excursions throughout River Valleys!

For other helpful tips and money-earning guidelines visit the money-earning section of Volunteer Essentials.