River Valleys’ CEO Linda Keene Gives Girls + Reality TV Interview to WCCO-AM

Linda Keene, CEO of River Valleys, discussed the effects watching reality TV has on girls’ thinking and beliefs about their world with John Hines of Hinesight with John Hines on WCCO-AM on October 18, 2011.

Keene shared the results of the GSUSA survey, “Real to Me: Girls and Reality TV,” discussing that girls have difficulty discerning whether scenes depict normal behavior, and what has been edited for effect. “We want to share the information with girls, but also with their parents because we know that this type of programming is so predominant and it’s unlikely girls are going to stop watching reality TV,” said Keene. “But just like other types of programming, we think that parents should watch what their children are watching, understand what some of those influences are, and have discussions with them about some of the things that they see. And that gives the parent the opportunity to communicate their own values.”

Listen the the entire interview online here.

Read the news release about the “Real to Me: Girls and Reality TV” survey.