Girl Scouts Volunteer Recognized at Work

Girl Scouts alumna Anne Marie DeBoard was recognized by her previous employer, Thomson Reuters, for her leadership with the Girl Scouts. The recognition program, Amazing People, Amazing Stories, recognizes employees for their volunteerism with an additional donation of $400 to the organization they volunteer with.

Here is her story of leadership with the Girl Scouts:

When Anne Marie’s daughters were old enough to participate in Girl Scouts, she volunteered to become a troop leader for both their troops. Anne Marie understands the value that Girl Scouts has in helping girls develop their potential and become leaders.

Anne Marie has been a troop leader for more than five years now, with her eldest daughter in 6th grade. This is the time when girls decide between Girl Scouts, sports and other activities.

“When kids start becoming teenagers and enter into middle school, they start to listen to what their friends think more than their parents,” says Anne Marie. “This was one of the motivating factors for me to volunteer with the organization. The volunteer recruiters emphasized that, in reality, you have a short period of time to make the biggest impact on your kids, because eventually their friends will become the center of their world. I wanted to make sure I was involved early on so I would be in tune to their lives.”

In addition to serving as a troop leader, Anne Marie also donates her time as a New Member Night Coordinator, Girl Scout Delegate to Council, Service Unit Event coordinator and Service Unit Cookie Manager for all of Burnsville and Savage. Her work as an IT Continuity Analyst lends well to her volunteer time, as Anne Marie is working toward setting up a process for documenting events and activities so they are renewable, which makes getting volunteers easier.