First-Time Leaders: Take Time for Reflection

Just as girls need to take time to stop and think about what they are doing and to understand their actions, so do leaders.

Reflection is a powerful tool to help you see what you have accomplished throughout the year, appreciate your personal milestones (as well as the girls’), and look ahead to the upcoming year.As you spend time reflecting on your Girl Scout year this summer, think about how you made the journey purposeful for the girls, their families, and yourself. This intentional reflection time will help you realize how all of your hard work has helped create a unique Girl Scout experience for everyone.

Another aspect of reflection is actually sharing your thoughts. Consider sharing your Girl Scout story today; your genuine leadership voice will inspire those around you to get involved and create positive action.

Let’s Reflect Together!

Take some time to reflect on this year, and share your experience with your fellow first-time leaders on this blog. What was your most rewarding Girl Scout experience this year?