Fun at Medieval Camp

On June 4-5, 68 girls from Assisi Service Unit attended a Medieval Camp sponsored by Troop 40040. Girls did hands-on activities led by members of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA). We did sessions of Archery, Medieval Cooking, and Fiber Arts (weaving, dying fabric, rope making, and spinning). We got a visit from an angora goat and an angora rabbit to show where the fibers came from – then how it’s washed, carded, spun, and woven into cloth! Pretty cool!

Some other demonstrations were armor to try on and learn about and a demonstration of knights fighting. Medieval dancing, music playing, jewelry making, glass bead making, book binding, and hand sewing were enjoyed by all girls.

After a fun day we enjoyed a medieval feast with authentic food. Homemade bread, almonds, and dried apricots were on the tables when we arrived at our dining hall, decorated with the banners of the SCA members.

Then we enjoyed the beef and barley soup made by the girls who did the cooking class, then macaroni & cheese and chicken (both medieval foods!), and a dessert of apple/raisin tart.

While there, we were instructed on medieval eating – did you know there were no forks in this time period? Two of the girls were also models of what a girl in medieval times would have worn and were dressed up in clothing from medieval times.

All of us had a great time learning about life in the medieval time!

Troop 40040
Hannah, Emma, Elizabeth, Nora and Victoria