Recipe for Cookies Now! Success Winning Entries

Thank you to the River Valleys troops that shared their recipe for Cookies Now! success during our special contest. Congratulations to our grand prize winner, Troop 43110, earning a free troop camp experience at a River Valleys Camp in 2011. Three troops were also chosen as first-prize winners of special cookie fun items: Troop 13106, Troop 52512, and Troop 50371.

Troop 43110 Recipe for Cookies Now! success:

10 happy, energetic 2nd grade Brownies
2 cookie-crazy troop leaders
20 very supportive parents
1 extra-hard working, dedicated cookie mom
1 goal of helping kids that aren’t as lucky as us at The Ronald McDonald House.


  1. Hold family meeting. Get everyone really excited about selling cookies!
  2. Distribute initial cookie order. Give each girl at least two cases of the most popular: Thin Mints, Tagalongs and Samoas. Give one case of Trefoils and Do Si Dos. Give 6 boxes of Thank You Berry Munch, Dulce de Leche and Lemon Chalet Cremes. (You can always get more…but you don’t want to get stuck with any.)
  3. Sell like crazy for the first two weeks. Then take an inventory of what has been sold and what is still out there. Shuffle less popular varieties between girls instead of ordering more. Continue to get more of the best sellers.  Plan to be almost done with door-to-door sales when booths start. Use extra cookies to stock booths.
  4. Have parents stay in constant contact with you regarding their cookie inventory. Have them return unopened cases before council buy-back days. Offer to use open cases to stock cookie booths.
  5. After the last cookie booth, go door-to-door one last time with a wagon of extras. Ask customers to help your troop sell the last of it’s cookie inventory. Almost everyone is willing to buy one or two more boxes to help you out.
  6. Wear cookie costumes…it’s super cute and people can’t resist!
  7. Cookie Moms: SET FIRM DEADLINES for cookie returns and turning in money. Have a schedule for trips to cookie cupboards…and stick to it!

Troop 13106 Recipe for Cookies Now! Success:

Our recipe for cookie success began with our enthusiasm for Girl Scout Cookies Now! We were contagious! This year our recipe for cookie success was; one part cookies, one part preparation, one part goal, two parts entertainment, and seven heaping parts of smiles.

We planned to sell 120% more than our troop sold last year and we surpassed that by another 108 packages. When we sold cookies at booth hotspots we offered entertainment. We created a fun cookie rap that we sang and a cookie dance. We believe we gave people an opportunity to see how excited our troop was to be together and to see how exciting it is to be a girl scout. Our troop even made signs telling people our goal was to go to camp together.

Each Girl Scout had a job and we all took turns with different tasks. Our leaders provided guidance and hot chocolate breaks on the really cold Minnesota days. Our troop learned so much about doing business and setting goals that we are already looking forward to next year when we can improve our recipe and make it even bigger and better. One goal we have for next season is to work with a younger troop and teach them what we learned.

Troop 50371 Recipe for Cookies Now! Success:

Our Cadette Girl Scout Troop loves to have fun together. Their exuberance and energy is our recipe for success.

Their zest for life fills the room, even in the beginning of the cookie season, when they set their goals, played cookie-themed games, and made cookie catchers and concession boxes.

We ordered the same amount as the previous year, but ended up selling almost 500 extra boxes! We did four booth sales the first weekend and every girl in the troop was involved. What these girls like to do is “wear” the empty cases (usually 4-5 per girl). Weather permitting (it’s been cold here!), two or three of the girls stood near the road in their box outfits, (with an adult nearby) directing traffic in, and encouraging drivers to sample and buy.

At the booth, they created an assembly line, with one girl in charge of putting together the order, another handling the money, and yet another replenishing the table, so it always looked orderly.

Door-to-door sales seemed easier this year, with customers happy about getting their cookies right away. I think the media covered it well – most knew about the new way we were selling.

The Roseville Cookie Cupboard played its part, always being ready to have us pick up extra boxes.

I had the girls turn in any extra boxes they weren’t sure they’d sell at booth sale time. After booth sales, the girls then got and gave back boxes as needed. The receipt packs worked great for keeping track of who had what and for payments as well. When they turned in boxes, I gave them a minus receipt.

I like the new way of selling. It sure worked for us!Troop 52512 Recipe for Cookies Now! Success

Take 11 goal-oriented Girl Scouts with knowledge of previous fanatical buyers and an ambitious initial order.

1 gallon of golden goals,
2 Tablespoons of comedy performed in silly superbishly awesome skits,
1 pound of smiles,
1 cup of charisma,
2 tons of temptation (it’s easier to sell what the customer can see in front of them!), A dash of posters, A sprinkle of internet and e-promises, A variety of movable devices (sleds, carts, wagons), A pinch of black market school hallway business, A plethora of parent workplaces,
1 aunt’s apartment building,
4 sensational cookie booths,
1 quart of cookie-craving college students.

Mix together adding persuasion and charm as needed. Wrap up warmly for freakishly freezing weather and then simmer for 7 selling weeks. Pick up extra cookies at the cupboard as needed. And don’t forget to return to your biggest cookie fans for maximum impact in the final days.