Volunteer Highlight: Lori Hertzberg

In addition to networking with other Girl Scout leaders and attending training sessions, Lori Hertzberg advises new volunteers to use the “people” resources available to them. As a River Valleys facilitator, Hertzberg makes sure her participants know she is one of those resources by sharing her contact information. Many have taken her up on this offer after the session. “It makes me feel good that no matter where they are, if they’ve attended one of my classes, they know they can come to me. Even if I can’t answer their question, I can help them find the answer,” she said.

Hertzberg’s Girl Scout experience began when she was in first grade and continued for several years. Her journey as a leader started when her daughter wanted to join Girl Scouts in first grade and she volunteered to lead her troop. Now her daughter is a Girl Scout Cadette, and the core group of girls that made up the original troop is still together.

Hertzberg recalled floundering a bit as a first-time leader, doing some self studies on her own, and then going to a training session led by Pam Werb (a sister River Valleys facilitator) and being inspired to learn more about training. “I became a trainer around the time of the merger … They got a copy of my resume and then put me to work. They keep finding more things for me to do,” Hertzberg said, referring to her background in corporate training.

She said her favorite session to facilitate is Leadership Essentials because of the opportunity to reassure and calm new leaders who’ve often gotten advice from too many people and are ready to crawl under a rock and hide by the time they attend the session. “We sort through the pile, and I say to them, ‘Here’s all you need to do right now, it doesn’t have to be that hard,’” Hertzberg said.

She also enjoys meeting new volunteers from across River Valleys by facilitating sessions in different areas, which has made her a familiar face to many. “It’s the strangest thing; people will look at me and say, ‘Where do I know you from?’ I say, Girl Scouts?” Hertzberg said. Besides volunteering as a facilitator, Hertzberg is active in the Bloomington Nine Mile service unit as a troop leader, co-director of day camp, and Fast Start Coach. She is also a member of the Mid-Winter Warm Up Adult Education Conference Committee.

Hertzberg has facilitated both required and enrichment sessions at Lakamaga and Mid-Winter Warm Up Conferences. Right now she’s brainstorming ideas for two enrichment sessions she’s leading at this year’s Lakamaga Conference, August 19-21, on foods and crafts from around the world. Cooking, crafting, and traveling are passions of Hertzberg’s, and she described her home as being better than Michaels, Jo-Ann Fabrics, and Archiver’s put together. In a year or two, she hopes to travel with her Girl Scout troop. She also volunteers with women’s ministry and the youth group at her church.