Volunteer Highlight: Lisa Lundquist

Lisa Lundquist began a 25-year career in Girl Scouting as a recent college graduate. “I went to a 70th Anniversary Girl Scout party in St. Cloud with my mom and a woman we were talking to said she was looking for a secretary but couldn’t find someone who could spell. My mom said, ‘Lisa can spell and she needs a job.’ I didn’t even know that people got paid to work for Girl Scouts … It was a great stepping-stone for me,” Lundquist said.

Today, she volunteers with River Valleys as a delegate in the Rochester Service Unit, a facilitator, a Fast Start coach, a troop leader, and a member of the CEO and Super Saturday Adult Education Conference committees. As a Fast Start coach and volunteer facilitator, Lundquist advises new volunteers to stick to the basics and add things in as they go along. Her favorite session to lead is Fast Start because she enjoys getting people excited about Girl Scouts. “I like to share my love for Girl Scouting with others. It’s a great organization, and if leaders get a good first experience, they will stay involved forever,” Lundquist said.

She describes her facilitation style as enthusiastic and encourages fellow facilitators to not be too serious while leading sessions. “Laugh if you can, and share stories to illustrate points,” Lundquist said. She said the most rewarding part about being a facilitator is seeing when people understand the Girl Scout program and share their knowledge with others during the training session. Being a facilitator has helped her stay connected to the organization she believes in so much. She recommends the position to anyone who has a broad Girl Scout experience, loves to talk, and likes to meet new people.

At a recent Leadership Essentials session, Lundquist was delighted to meet two college students who were becoming troop co-leaders together. They were both former Gold Award recipients and didn’t know that about each other before deciding to begin their new Girl Scout journey as volunteers. It’s experiences like this that inspire Lundquist. While telling this story, she described feeling as if these two young women were simply drawn to each other. They didn’t have to verbally express their past Girl Scout experiences to know that together they were capable of leading a troop of girls, it was just felt.

Lundquist also said she enjoys reviewing participant evaluations after her sessions. She often finds words that capture that someone else has gotten what Girl Scouting is all about. This love for words translates to Lundquist’s life outside of Girl Scouting, where she serves as the President of the Rochester Public Library Board and strives to meet the goal of reading 150 novels each year. She said she’s well on her way to meeting her goal this year. She also enjoys venturing outdoors and has a dog named “Lily.”