When is a Certificate of Insurance Requested for an Activity?

When River Valleys works with a program vendor such as a horseback riding stable, or a water park, we request that they provide us with a certificate of insurance (COI) for our files. The COI is an indicator that they are a business in good standing and have risk management practices in place. We generally request a COI for program vendors that offer high adventure activities and staff.

If you are planning an activity, check the applicable Safety Activity Checkpoint to determine if a certificate of insurance is needed and if there is already one on file. If you are unclear as to the need for a certificate of insurance, or if the checkpoint does not indicate that one is on file for the program vendor you plan to use, please contact River Valleys staff.

When River Valleys requests a certificate of insurance, it is best to allow two weeks for the certificate to arrive in our office.

By fall of 2011, all Safety-Wise Safety Activity Checkpoints will be updated to specifically state if we need a certificate of insurance on file. There will also be a list of program vendors that have currently supplied us with a certificate of insurance.


  1. Liz Adams says

    I tried sending Pam Wurster an email from link and it said it failed using that address. Thought you should know so it can be fixed.

  2. Girl Scouts River Valleys says

    Hi Liz- Pam’s email address (Pamela.Wurster@girlscoutsrv.org) has now been correctly updated in this post.