You Snow Girl!

Girls in grades K-12 came out to Camp Lakamaga this weekend for snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, art, and ice fishing at You Snow Girl!

We had loads of girls out at the lake most of the afternoon, and several of them had luck catching fish. (We captured some of them with photos.) Every time someone thought they were about to catch something, you would hear all kinds of chatter and the girl’s anticipation would rise. When two girls from the same troop caught the largest fish pictured above, there was all kinds of cheering, giggles, and “good jobs.”

The other two girls pictured were the most patient girls I have ever seen at ice fishing. The one with the white coat and black snow pants sat for at least 30 minutes waiting for something to bite. Her will and drive to keep fishing paid off, and she caught two fish in a matter of three minutes.

All of the girls who came out had a great time.