Program Essentials Resource: Journeys Tips

Attention Leaders: Check out these useful tips for using Girl Scout journey books

When thinking about opening a Girl Scout journey book for the first time, and maybe even the second time, there are a few useful tips to consider. Although these books have a lot of fun and exciting information and activities for Girl Scouts, troops, leaders, and even family members, navigating these resources can be daunting. Do not fear! These useful tips will help you have a wonderful experience guiding your Girl Scouts through a journey series.

Tips to Consider:

  1. Recognize and communicate the value of your activities. Journey books include the three keys to leadership: discover, connect, take action.
    • If you are doing a project such as decorating a T-shirt, it’s not just a craft – it’s a chance to discover a value you care about enough to put it on a T-shirt.
    • When you have a pizza party, it’s not just a pizza party – it’s a chance for girls to connect with new people, expand their social skills, and do some team-building, too!
    • Instead of taking action by learning the latest dance moves – it’s take action by starting a dance club to inspire younger girls to live healthy!
  2. Yes, when you customize the journey, it should be based on the theme. As the girls plan, keep two things in mind: the intended leadership outcome and the theme. After looking at the theme of your journey book, invite the girls to think of activities that connect with the theme, or invite a subject matter expert to a meeting to further investigate the topic.
  3. Invite other girls and leaders who have completed a journey to share with their success stories that brought the journeys to life.
  4. See if your service unit has a document with field trip ideas in your area related to the journey themes; if one doesn’t exist – create it!
  5. Check out the GSUSA Journeys page for ideas.

Troop leaders want to know! If you have a tip for using the Girl Scout journey books, share it here.