Camp Staff – Summer 2011

The camp directors have been busy since December hiring camp staff for the summer of 2011. Many campers from last summer anticipate the return to summer hoping that their favorite counselor or staff member will be there once again. Though not all staff return year after year, a good number do.

Those who are coming back are ready and excited to see all those smiling faces again this summer. Here are a few of the staff who are coming back as of right now:

Ariel, Bella, Blueblaze, Bubbles, Cherokee, Coco, DeeKay, Dove, Fish, Flipper, Flyer, Frazzle, Freckles, House, Liberty Bell, Lila, PaHa, Pinky, Pudding, Ringo, Shannanigans, Sonic, Star, Wiz.

We do have a number of positions still available: cooks, counselors, riding staff, health, and more. If you know anyone who might be interested in applying to work at camp this summer, please have them fill out one of our applications at our website.