First-Time Leaders: Spring is for Celebrating!

It is Girl Scout tradition to celebrate girls’ accomplishments, as they learn new skills, build confidence, and explore new things. One traditional way for leaders to help their Girl Scouts celebrate these accomplishments is through a spring bridging ceremony. This is an opportunity for family and friends of the Girl Scouts to come together and recognize what the girls have accomplished throughout the year.

In addition to celebrating these success, bridging ceremonies are a unique way to “bridge” girls from one Girl Scout level to the next, and prepare them for the next program grade level. Be sure to help your Girl Scouts celebrate their accomplishments this spring, and encourage them to continue exploring what Girl Scouts has to offer.

Need help with planning a Court of Awards this spring? Check out the Celebrations and Ceremonies packet. This resource contains helpful hints on planning a ceremony as well as explanations of different ceremonies, poems, and songs.