Babysitters Club Author Visits Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts at Camp Lakamaga got a unique experience on Friday, October 22. The girls who attended the two-day day camp, held because of school closings due to the annual Education Minnesota conference, met and heard from author Ann Martin, writer of the popular “The Babysitters Club” books. Ms. Martin talked to the girls a bit about her life as a writer and how “The Babysitters Club” books came about. She took questions at the end of the presentation, too.

One Girl Scout asked which of Ms. Martin’s cats is her favorite, to which Ms. Martin explained she “couldn’t possibly pick just one of them to be her favorite.” Another Girl Scout asked how Ms. Martin comes up with the names for characters in her books. “Some of the names are just from people that I know. Sometimes, if I’m stuck for a name I use one of those baby name books. Other names I just pick out of the air.”

A third Girl Scout asked Ms. Martin what time she starts writing. “That’s a really interesting question,” Ms. Martin replied. “I get up very early in the morning and I spend a lot of time taking care of the animals. Then I check my e-mail and return calls, and I start writing at 9 a.m.”

After answering several questions, Ms. Martin signed copies of her books to each of the girls who brought or purchased a book. The last-minute, surprise visit was arranged through Scholastic, Ms. Martin’s publisher, and Collette Morgan, owner of Wild Rumpus Books in Minneapolis. Ms. Morgan is a supporter of Girl Scouting and when Scholastic asked her to help Ms. Martin get an audience with a school-aged group, Ms. Morgan suggested the Girl Scouts since school was out for the education conference.

Girl Scouts extends a thank you to Ms. Morgan and Ms. Martin for helping our girls learn about a career as a writer. To be eligible to receive a signed copy of all four “The Babysitters Club” books, write an essay about how Girl Scout camp has helped you build courage, confidence, and character. Submit your essay of 500 words or less by December 1 to