Go Green Girl!

Create your own Reusable Lunch Kit

September’s Go Green Challenge is to create your own reusable lunch kit for school. Using reusable plastic containers for your food and drink is a great way to reduce waste each day. Find a lunch bag or box that works well. Don’t forget to include cloth napkins.

Calculate what you save: How many plastic bags, paper lunch sacks, paper cups, and napkins do you use in a year? Find out what these items cost and determine the money you saved. You not only help the environment, but you help your bank account as well.

Go Green Girl! Toolkit and Patch Program

The Go Green Girl! toolkit was made possible through a Community POWER Grant and was funded by the Solid Waste Management Coordinating Board. This kit can be used to learn how to reduce waste, improve recycling, and reduce toxicity to make this world a better place. Geared to grades 4–12.