Go Green Girl!

Challenge for the Month of May

Choose at least one of the ideas below to reduce waste. If you come up with other ideas, please leave them in the comments.

  1. Get your name off junk mail lists. Go to www.reduce.org to find ways to get off junk mail lists. Add privacy statements to anything asking for your contact information. Do you get unwanted catalogs or fliers? Call the company’s toll free number and request to be taken off their list. Go to www.catalogchoice.org for more information.
  2. Bring a reusable cup or mug with you. Have a hot drink every day? Bring a reusable mug with you to the coffee shop. Buy water every day? Instead, bring water in a refillable bottle.
  3. Sell, give away, or donate usable clothing and household goods. Donate reusable items to a local thrift store. Bring old books to a used book store or donate them instead of throwing them.
  4. Give green gifts. Avoid over-packaged, resource consuming gifts that will need batteries or electricity. Consider making a gift, sharing an “experience,” or giving an environmentally-friendly product.
  5. Carry a cloth/reusable bag when shopping.