Girl Scout Pathways offer a flexible options for girls and adults to participate in Girl Scouting. The six Pathways are camp, events, series, travel, troop, and virtual. On January 30, a Girl Summit was held in three locations in conjunction with our annual meeting. More than 100 girls from grades 6-12 participated, providing their feedback […]

Go Green Girl! Reduce Your Use

The challenge for the month of March is to reduce the use of disposable items. For example, if you tend to use bottled water, make a change by taking a water bottle with you. If you use singular packets of chips for your lunches, switch to the larger bags and take chips in a plastic […]

The Salad Bowl

A Note on “The Salad Bowl” The “Salad Bowl” has replaced the “melting pot” as an analogy for the USA. A melting pot requires ingredients to give up their individual flavor. A salad, on the other hand, needs each ingredient to retain its uniqueness and participate in the overall flavor. The Salad Bowl is meant […]