Your Own Cookie Business

On December 12, 20 girls from the Beta Gamma Girl Scouts (BGGS) program attended Your Own Cookie Business Council sponsored event in Blaine, MN.

The event’s goals are aligned with the Financial Literacy program for which BGGS receives funding. Girl Scouts wants to build financial leaders of tomorrow. Therefore, BGGS girls learn about marketing, market analysis, finances, and other business strategies. All these activities are part of an extensive college preparatory curriculum that goes in depth about being financially ready for college.

During the Your Own Cookie Business Program, girls were able to learn about 2010 Cookie Program Activity goals and objectives. They also had a chance to learn about business planning, marketing, and branding.

“Before coming to this event, I did not know that selling cookies had so much financial planning behind it … I learned a lot about selling more cookies by having an well-defined marketing plan,” said JuTon, a Junior grade High School student from Minneapolis.

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