Our Girl Scout Trip to Savannah


June 28, 2009. It’s 5 a.m. as our sleepy mother-daughter troop from Prior Lake and Savage – Jill and Jamie Stang, Margaret and Stacey LaFrance, and Monique and Lauren Rupp – heads off to the airport, anxiously awaiting our arrival in Atlanta, Georgia. As our plane touches down and we begin our road trip to […]

The Salad Bowl: Leaving A Legacy Across Generations

The “Salad Bowl” has replaced the “melting pot” as an analogy for the USA. A melting pot requires ingredients to give up their individual flavor.  A salad, on the other hand, needs each ingredient to retain its uniqueness and participate in the overall flavor. The Salad is meant to provide girl and adult Girl Scouts […]

Lakefront Days Parade


Prior Lake/Savage area girls discovered how fun it is to connect with the community in the Lakefront Days parade on Saturday, August 1. They took action in their float promoting the ‘Imagine if We Could Change the World’ theme. The girls were well received as they handed out Girl Scout bookmarks, tattoos, and candy while […]

Girl Scouts at the Farm


Rochester Troop 43088 took a trip to Featherstone Farms in Rushford, Minn. The girls learned about Community Supported Agriculture, tasted lettuce straight from the ground, and planted daisies in the employee picnic area.