Girl Scouts Caring for Animals

About us (Cora and Jess):

We connect caring for wild animals with Girl Scout badges.

We live on a hobby farm with horses, cows, sheep, goat, chickens, rabbits, cats, and dogs, so we’ve always had an idea of how to care for different animals.  One day a fawn came into our yard, and we called a friend who cared for wild animals and asked him a lot of questions. My mother got a special license to have the animals at our place. Jess and I took training and tests and
got an advanced license so we could help her care for the animals.

We have cared for a lot of different animals — to name a few: beavers, raccoons, fawns, squirrels, turtles, frogs, fox, bear cubs, birds, ducks, eagles. We have been doing this over 13 years and all the food and medical expenses come out of our own pocket. It has been a wonderful experience and a lot of time and hard work.

We have been in Girl Scouts for 12 years and stuck it out through four leaders and a lot of girls. We enjoy working as Youth Event Assistants to help out council members and just help out Girl Scouts.

This is our last year of Girl Scouts; we are bridging to adults this spring. We will miss being Girl Scouts.