Girl Scout Troop 21305 Donates Cookies to Soldiers

The Girl Scouts of Troop 21305 chose several charitable ways to use their cookie proceeds. They donated $0.02 per box sold to a local food shelf, which amounted to $60. They also sent donations to the residents of the apartment fire in Montgomery, Minn., where one girl’s mom was living. All residents of the building were displaced. Additionally, the girls chose to send cookies to soldiers — particularly, Lieutenant Colonel Brian Pfarr, older brother of one of their classmates.

The girls received a letter of thanks reading:

Thank you SO MUCH for the Girl Scout cookies! They were AWESOME and Delicious! I shared them with over one hundred soldiers and they all loved them. They could not believe how generous and thoughtful the Girl Scouts from LeSueur are.

I am working on the night shift here so the cookies made a great midnight snack. It made a lot of soldiers smile when I handed them a box of cookies. I know I had to spend a couple extra hours at the Gym to work off all the cookies I ate.

Thanks again, for all your hard work selling cookies and thanks for thinking of the soldiers and sending us cookies. It is kind acts like yours that make us proud to be American Soldiers!


Lieutenant Colonel Brian H Pfarr